About Shelley

I thought I was going to be a literature professor, but I ended up becoming an editor at a sustainable lifestyle magazine. It fits. I was born and raised in Oregon, then lived in Kansas for six years, and now I’m back in Oregon. I spend a lot of time thinking about what I’m going to grow in my garden. I believe in real food, getting my hands dirty, supporting local farmers, the magic of perfectly ripe produce, closing the waste loop, sustainable agriculture, fair food policies, community, gardening as soul-enriching work, engaging, composting, lifelong learning, not trying to pretend I'm perfect, deviating from recipes, cooking with loved ones, and our right to know what we're eating. Dirt is cool. Pesticides suck.

About The Rowdy Radish

On this blog, you’ll find all kinds of information about sustainable food: eating it, growing it, cooking with it, thinking about how it fits into society. Food is a topic that relates to us all, and is an area in which we can all grow, learn, and maybe make a difference. I generally stay hopeful and proactive about food issues—but I also get a little rowdy and pissed off about them sometimes.

p.s. I like radishes OK, but mostly I’m a sucker for alliteration.