January 11, 2013

Fresh Meal Ideas Series Is Next on the Menu

A friend of mine emailed me the other day to ask whether I could start doing an occasional post about what I ate for my actual meals. He wants to get more into eating organic, local, sustainable foods, but is at a loss for where to start, coming up with fresh meal ideas, and finding and incorporating good, healthful ingredients.

It seems like “What I Ate” blogs/posts are the Interweb topics du jour, but, still, this sounds like a fun, useful idea. I figure it will be a way to share meal ideas while I take a closer look at my own ingredient choices. On my About page, I say I believe in not trying to pretend I’m perfect. (Disclaimer: I’m not. The person I live with could provide excellent evidence to back this up.) And of course this applies to what I eat. While I try hard to make sustainable food choices much of the time, I don’t always succeed.

A simple, clean place setting with dark background

Here’s my plan for how to format the posts in this upcoming series:

  • Each will have “Fresh Meal Ideas” at the beginning of the title, for easy identification. (I’ll also tag each post with “fresh meal ideas.”)
  • I’ll include explanations of how I prepared each part of the meal, so that you can try these foods at home if you wish.
  • Each post in the series will conclude with brief notes on these five categories: Local, Sustainable, Healthy, Delicious, and Simple. I’ll give the meal a rating of sorts in each category. 

If there are any specific foods, tips or notes you’d like to see in these posts, please leave a comment to let me know. I hope to get the first “Fresh Meal Ideas” post up in the next few days. Thanks for reading!

Photo by Flickr/Dinner Series


  1. I'm excited about this - the hardest thing for me is how to cook sustainably! I'm looking forward to some really great tips!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Heidi! Let me know if there's ever a particular food or tip you'd like to see.

  2. We’re currently thinking of doing a new format in our menu template and we’re still looking for new ideas from your “fresh meal ideas!” I just do wonder if how you will give the meals a rating.

  3. I’m looking forward for the explanations on how you prepared the meal. I will definitely try these new recipes at home; I just hope they’re just easy to follow.

  4. Hello!
    I am a Art Education student from Youngstown State University. I was wondering if I could use your image of the place setting for a project I am working on in Education class. Let me know soon! Sadly, I wasn't informed that I need to ask you until the day before it is due. So sorry for that!

    miss Kate